Arch Angel

Engineering a new art form



A bold new era.


Seven years ago we disrupted the industry with the release of the first commercially available 3D printed bicycle, cementing our reputation as leaders in additive manufacturing. Now, we are excited to announce the release of the ArchAngel, the most highly specified production bike ever released. This limited-edition model will be strictly limited to 88 units worldwide. The ArchAngel represents the pinnacle of Bastion design and engineering, offering a unique combination of style, performance, and exclusivity.



Engineering as an Art Form.


The Bastion ArchAngel is a true masterpiece of engineering, designed and developed entirely in-house, it is a marvel of form, function and texture. Every detail of the bike has been sculpted with precision and purpose, evoking the sleek lines and spirit of the world’s first titanium-skinned aircraft, the A-12 ArchAngel. A new design icon inspired by the legend of the aircraft that bears the same name.



Strictly 88 units worldwide.


Limited in production, this bike is for the discerning cyclist who demands nothing but the best. While not exclusively reserved for existing clients, priority will be given to those who own or are in the process of purchasing one of our other models. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a piece of cycling history.



A celebration of our relationships with the best brands in the world.


Every element of the ArchAngel has been meticulously designed and every component curated to contribute to the bike’s enhanced aesthetic and performance. We pride ourselves on our relationships with the world’s top component brands and the ArchAngel project is the ultimate showcase of this alignment. From the frame to every single component, every detail has been carefully selected to elevate the overall experience of the rider.


A new design icon is born.

We recommend

Seatpost Integrated Bastion x ENVE
Fork ArchAngel | Titanium and Carbon fibre Bastion
Brakes Centrelock Disc SRAM, Shimano, Campagnolo
Axles 100x12 (front) & 142x12 (rear) thru-axles Bastion
Bottom Bracket T47 Ceramic Ceramicspeed
Bar-stem ArchAngel Integrated | Titanium and Carbon fibre Bastion
Headset Solid Lubrication Technology (SLT) Ceramicspeed
Shifting Electronic Only SRAM, Shimano, Campagnolo
Wheels Meilenstein EVO Schwarz Edition, Obermayer EVO Schwarz Edition Lightweight
Bar Tape Alcantara Busyman
Saddle Alcantara Wrapped by Busyman Customer Choice
Pulley System 3D Printed Titanium OSPW coated in Cerakote Ceramicspeed
Cages Titanium coated in Cerakote King Cage

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Lead Time

12 months

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