The Bastion Experience

The journey is as important as the destination

Your Bike. Your Way.

We believe in you, the rider. You know why you ride, how you ride and the ride you want. You are the best person to design your bespoke custom bike. Our mission is to empower you to direct the design of your bike – tuning it to your specific needs. The end product is uniquely precision crafted together with you, for you.

Perfection is Subjective

We believe perfection is subjective and your voice is the one that counts. The ultimate ride comes from a curated blend of technology and craft and our role is to guide you through the creation of your bike from the specification to the design to the engineering and manufacture. Providing you with the right information to make the best decision for you, and no one else.


As unique as you are

Every bike we build is unique. Yes there are some recommended recipes, but in the end every customer has different needs. Whether that is the geometry, components or paint. We work with you throughout the process helping you make the decisions needed along the way in a process that we hope is not only enjoyable, but educational as well.

Commissioning a one of a kind work of art

After placing your deposit you will be given access to your very own client portal. There you can find the forms you will need to get started and also begin to upload any inspirational information or requests you may have. Our order process is divided into three phases:

  1. Specification – due to the extremely long lead times in the industry currently we work with you to lock down the details of the build like the model, brake type, groupset and wheels so we can order as far in advance as possible. Once this step is complete we will create your total quote and our pricing is fixed from that point. You will then be issued with a second invoice to allow us to begin ordering your components. If you haven’t already had one at this stage we will book you in for your custom bike fit also.
  2. Personalisation – here we work with you to design your paint scheme and decide on what personal inscriptions you would like to engrave in the dropout area. You may want to add an artwork or your country’s flag. We will provide you with your own mock-up of how the bike will appear so that you can approve the design.
  3. Engineering – after we receive your bike fit information we will undertake the engineering of your frame. We use a holistic approach and have developed our own in-house simulation tools and metrics that predict how a bike will handle and its stiffness. The only tool of its kind in the world that we know of. This enables us to predict how truly unique bikes that have never been made before will perform. A virtual test ride if you could call it that. The output of this process is a technical drawing and four page detailed engineering report with an explanation and graphical representation of how your bike will perform.

After you have approved the above three stages we will move your bike into the production queue.

Advanced Manufacturing

Our manufacturing process from 3D laser fusing to final painting requires over 130 hours of precision work by machine and more than 70 hours of meticulous hand craftsmanship.

We believe every rider should be certain their bike is safe and that every frame that leaves our workshop should last a lifetime. That’s why Bastion frames are certified to international standard ISO 4210. We are among the few custom builders in the world to do this, and we pride ourselves on our integrity. A Bastion bike is always delivered to the promised standard with the technical reports to prove it.

Our lugs are formed out of aerospace grade Titanium alloy powder. A specialised laser then fuses the powder to your exact specifications in a hermetically sealed, inert gas environment. The result is mechanical properties that rival those of forged parts.

Our tube sections are wound layer by layer in carbon fibre over a mandrel in a computer controlled process called filament winding. This enables precise fibre orientation and continuous fibre paths giving us ultimate control of the performance characteristics of your bike.

By combining Titanium and Carbon Fibre, Bastion bike frame technology gives you the best of both worlds, to create the best frame in the world. Our engineers have fine-tuned the ideal combination of Titanium and Carbon Fibre to yield a frame with the optimum balance of performance and mass. It’s the rider’s holy grail – a frame that blends the torsional stiffness and performance of a Carbon Fibre frame with the ride comfort of a Titanium frame.

The frame’s tube sections, which are the areas of highest deflection, use Carbon Fibre because of its renowned damping properties. However, in areas such as the bottom bracket, carbon fibre creates an overly stiff joint that compromises ride comfort. Here we use Titanium. Only the finest grade Ti6Al4V Titanium Alloy is used and the latest 3D printing technology allows us to form it into previously impossible shapes to create Bastion’s breakthrough frame design. We utilise the lower stiffness of Titanium to better isolate the high frequency vibrations of rough roads, whilst maximising torsional stiffness through asymmetric structures, transforming both ride and performance.

Throughout the production process you will be given updates through the portal allowing you to track the progress of your build. Upon completion we will issue you with your final invoice before shipping you the bike.