We are Bastion

Engineering A New Art Form

Engineering A New Art Form

We’ve opened the door on a bold new era. Where excellence is a pursuit, not a destination.

We’re engineering a new art form, from cycling geometry to bio mechanics. A grand evolution of a proud tradition; there is no barrier between man and machine.

Personalised Perfection

We believe perfection is subjective and the rider’s voice is the one that counts. The ultimate ride comes from technology and craft.

We are the defenders of the new standard. A house of refinement, powered by the rider.

Our Team

Everyone at Bastion is driven by a passion for quality and the pursuit of excellence. We want to share the joy of embracing the latest technology and engineering the world’s finest bikes with you, the rider.

We invite those who share our passion to join us, and, through our unique design process, discover the satisfaction of designing your own personal dream bike.

Our Mission

We share a single mission. To create the most desirable bikes in the world.

Together with our customers we are manifesting this vision through every stunning bike we build.

From 2015

Founded in 2015 by three ex-Toyota R&D Engineers and Managers our company was born from the ashes of the Automotive Manufacturing Industry in Australia.

Our founders Ben, James and Dean had a strong desire to showcase their engineering expertise and passion for advanced manufacturing by developing the most technologically advanced bicycle in the world.

To Now

Fast forward to the present day and we employ ten full-time staff, and across the extended team that helps us create our bikes including Riderfit, Velocraft, and Superbe Velo Service we number sixteen.

We are the only bicycle company in the world to have in-house Titanium 3D Printing capability with two Renishaw machines. With the recent addition of CNC machining capabilities we are truly at the cutting edge of what is possible with modern technology.